Neil Keller, 25, of Citrus County is accused of attacking multiple people and trying to bite a woman

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla - A Citrus County man who is suspected of using synthetic drugs is accused of attacking multiple people and trying to a bite a woman's face.

Neil Keller, 25, of 65 S. Davis Street in Beverly Hills, Florida, is facing one count of burglary, one count of battery, two counts of assault, one count of resisting an officer without violence and one count of assault on a law enforcement officer.

Deputies say on August 28, they were called out to Roosevelt Road and South Davis Street in reference to an altercation in progress.

According to an arrest report, Keller was seen hiding behind a tree near a woman trimming her hedges.  When Keller was noticed, deputies say he charged the female, grabbed her arms, jumped on top of her making sexual movements, then grabbed her neck and tried to bite her face.

The woman was somehow able to get away and ran across the street for help.

A woman driving by with her children noticed the attack and stopped to help, deputies explained.  Keller is accused of opening the back door of the woman's vehicle and trying to pull her two children, ages one and three years old, from their car seats. 

Keller then reportedly tried to take the keys out of the ignition but the mother was able to pull him out of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the first alleged victim found two men nearby painting a house and asked for help.  She explained that the suspect was now assaulting a mother and her two children.

The men ran from the house to help and deputies say one of them grabbed a shovel.  Deputies say when the men approached, Keller charged at them aggressively.  One of the men reportedly hit the suspect in his right leg with the shovel, but the suspect came at him again, at which time the man punched Keller in the chin.

It was at this point that deputies arrived to find all the victims on Roosevelt Road.

An arrest report states that when Keller saw a deputy, he charged at the deputy.  In response, the deputy brought Keller to the ground and ordered him to stay down.

According to deputies, Keller got up and ran back toward the victims.

The deputy tased Keller, who reportedly continued to fight.

Although he was tased several times, Keller would not comply with deputy's orders and even tried to remove the taser leads from his body, an arrest report states.

Assisting deputies arrived and were able to subdue Keller.

Keller was transported to Citrus Memorial Hospital where he remained until September 4.

He is now behind bars being held on $27,000 bond.

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