Mother arrested after not feeding infant, 5 year old for four days

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. - Citrus County Sheriff deputies arrested a mother after their father found their children unfed and changed for four days.

Dawn Geiger had picked up her children on New Year's Eve from school on her court ordered day. The children predominately stayed with there father in Gainesville.

After the father was unable to contact the mother of their three children for four days, he drove to her house to find out what was going on. Geiger had reportedly just gotten out of a rehab facility a month prior.

The father knocked several times on the door, but no one answered. Before he left Geiger's house he saw her stumble outside and then back into the home. He immediately called 9-1-1 to have deputies come respond to the residence.

When deputies got to the house they found an open sliding glass door. Inside the house they were able to see Geiger passed out on an air mattress with an infant laying next to her in urine. A five year old, wearing only underwear, ran from the door once he saw his father in the distance.

Unable to wake Geiger, the deputy took the baby to it's father, though it looked lethargic. The father attempted to change the boy's diaper, but found it was sticking to the child's genitals with mold growing inside. There was also blood inside the diaper.

The five year old told the deputy he was hungry. When the deputy asked when was the last time the child had eaten he said he hadn't eaten since his mother picked him up from school.

Both children were taken to their pediatrician by their father. The other child, a teenage, was not found at the mother's house. She had been picked up and taken to a friend's house where she was later taken back into the custody of her father.

Once awoken, Geiger was arrested on charges of child abuse.

Deputies observed several one gallon wine bottles near Geiger's bed.


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