Hernando County residents are being warned to watch their mail because thefts are on the rise

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fl - Recent frauds directly related to mail theft has deputies in Hernando County warning residents to watch their mail.

Identity theft, check theft, forgery, credit card theft, and fraudulent use of cards are among the crimes directly related to mail theft, deputies say.

This is not isolated to one geographic area.

Similar activity occurred in the area several years ago and multiple people were arrested.  Those individuals, according to deputies, are still serving time in prison.

Tips to help prevent these crimes include:

  • Do not put outgoing mail in the mailbox the night before (especially if checks or personal ID information are in the envelope)
  • Use post off drop locations and mailboxes, if possible
  • If you have to use your mailbox put the mail in at the latest possible to limit the availability to thieves
  • If you will be out of town, put a "hold" on your mail or have someone you trust collect your mail for you
  • If you believe you have a check/credit card that is overdue, contact your financial institution to make sure is hasn't been delivered and/or has not been used
  • If you make a check out to cash and put it in the mail, try to put as much detail as possible in the memo section in an effort to detour/prevent someone from cashing it.
  • If you observe a specific person/vehicle driving around your neighborhood, call HCSO (352.754.6830) with as much detail as possible



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