Hernando County deputies say David Guyer, 40, taught teens how to burglarize vacant houses

SPRING HILL, Fla. - Hernando County deputies say a Spring Hill father recruited his son's friends to help him commit burglaries at vacant homes where families had recently been evicted.

David Guyer, 40, and James Pfluke, 19, are now facing burglary charges.  The third teen arrested is 16 years old, and because he is a minor we are not releasing his name.  He is also facing burglary charges.

The 16-year-old's mother did speak with ABC Action News, but asked that she not be identified in order to protect her son.

"He just manipulated my child," said the teen's mom.  "He is not a mentor.  He didn't teach my son anything but wrong."

The mom explained that her son and Pfluke were friends with Guyer's son and were 'led into crime' when they visited Guyer's house.

Deputies say on May 29 the teens broke the window of a home at 9237 Swiss Road and then broke an interior wooden door to gain access to the living area.

An acoustic guitar, a white electric tuner, a 19-inch television, a black guitar, an aluminum bat and a black amplifier were stolen, according to deputies

Deputies interviewed a neighbor who said she witnessed teens at the abandoned home.  The neighbor said squatters have been staying in the home and believes the stolen items belong to them.

"They were coming from that house so I knew they had to have been up to something," said Norma Reinert.

Reinert recalls seeing Pfluke and a female teen carrying poles.  She also told investigators she had seen the teens walking around the neighborhood many times before.  She couldn't recall seeing the 16-year-old.

Reinert also does not recall seeing Guyer with the teens.

Detectives say leads eventually led them to the teens. 

But the 16-year-old's mom says while her son did do wrong by taking things that didn't belong to him Guyer is the real culprit.

"He is convincing them that what they are doing is not against the law and saying it is OK to clean up because otherwise the state is going to have to come in and clean these abandoned properties up," she said.

This mother told ABC Action News her son did not profit from the stolen goods.  Instead, she claims Guyer took the stolen goods to a local pawn shop and pocketed the cash.

"He's used these children and ruined their lives," she said.

Deputies say the teens confessed to committing five residential burglaries.

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