Hernando County deputies say a woman tried selling $100 worth of food stamps for $50 on Facebook

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla - Hernando County deputies say a woman tried selling $100 worth of food stamps for $50 on Facebook.

Ashley McGinley, 23, is charged with one count of welfare fraud.

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office received a complaint regarding a female selling food stamps on Facebook on August 7. The complaint contained photographs of Facebook posts showing a subject named Ashley McGinley, advertising that she was selling $100 worth of food stamps for $50.

On August 20, detectives contacted McGinley at the Hernando County Detention Center, where she was already in custody on unrelated charges.

McGinley reportedly confessed to her involvement in the case.  She advised  that she created the Facebook post in question and admitted to selling her EBT card to a friend of hers named "Kenneth," deputies say.

Kenneth was later identified as Kenneth Dunham. 

Detectives talked with Dunham, who confirmed that Ashley McGinley sold her EBT card to him.  Dunham advised that he paid McGinley $100 to use approximately $200 worth of funds on her EBT card.  He advised detectives that he used the card on two occasions, totaling $220.83, an arrest report states.

Detectives obtained transaction records from McGinley's EBT card, confirming Dunham's statements and the aforementioned charges.

"In the poor economic times that we in, there are many people in dire need of these benefits," said Sgt. Jeff Kraft of the Hernando County Sheriff's Office Economic Crimes Unit  

"The Hernando County Sheriff's Office will not stand by and allow criminals to take advantage of this system.  These are tax payer dollars and anyone abusing them will eventually be identified and arrested!  No exceptions!"

McGinley is being held on $2,000 bond.


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