Hernando County deputies say a tanning spa employee and another woman defrauded customers

HERNANDO COUNTY - In August 2013, detectives in the Economic Crimes Unit received five reports in which victims reported fraudulent transactions on their respective credit and/or debit cards, according to Hernando County deputies.  The incidents appeared to be related, and the location of compromise appeared to be The House of Tans.

Bianca Spera was identified as a suspect after it was learned that she was an employee of The House of Tans and that one of the credit cards was used to pay her SunPass account, an arrest report states.

The investigation revealed that the victims' credit cards were utilized to fraudulently complete numerous on-line purchases and bill payments between mid-July and early August, deputies report.

The five victims' credit cards were used on 13 different occasions to make a total of $957.60 in fraudulent on-line purchases.  

During the same time frame, several dozen transactions were attempted and declined and/or canceled prior to shipment.  These transactions totaled in excess of $13,000.

Detectives say when they interviewed Spera, she admitted to writing down each victim's credit card or debit card information when they provided this information for services at the House of Tans.

She reportedly explained that she then removed the information from the business gave the information to  Brandy Langley, who would then utilize the information to make the fraudulent purchases.

Spera went on to advise detectives that she came to an agreement with Langle that she would provide Langley with credit card information and in return for the information, Langley would use the credit cards to pay Spera's cell phone bill and car insurance, an arrest report states.

The arrest report also states Langley would sell the value of the credit card purchases in return for smaller cash payments.  For instance, a person could have their cell phone bill paid in full if they provided a portion of the bill in cash to Langley.

On October 21, Detective Tony Aguiar obtained a warrant for the arrest of Brandy Langley.

On November 3, Langley was arrested in Polk County Florida and charged with organized fdraud.  Her bond was set at $2,000.

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