Fight over red light camera tickets again in Hernando County


The fight over red light camera tickets is heating up once again in a Hernando County Courtroom.

Judge Donald Scaglione on Monday dismissed about 18 tickets for people who made right turns on reds; last month he dismissed a couple of dozen.

Judge Scaglione told the people he fully expects the state to appeal his decision, and told the people this is likely not done yet.

An order he issued last month called the enforcement of such tickets "vague, arbitrary and capricious," and by that reasoning called it a violation of due process and unconstitutional.

This has not pleased the Florida Attorney General's Office, where Pam Bondi and her staff have asked to bring all the tickets before the judge in his courtroom to argue their case, which Scaglione acknowledged might happen sometime at the end of June.

Attorney Peyton Hyslop represented some of those in court today and facing tickets for right turn on reds with cameras, and says he agrees with the judge.

"And since the legislature sets out two different standards, it doesn't treat you and I when we drive down the street the same way just based upon the way on how we get a ticket," he said.

Until then, the approximately 18 people got off with an easy day in court.

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