Deputies: Woman made up story about fake officer in Hernando County

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. - This week the Hernando County Sheriff issued an alert to drivers about men posing as law enforcement officers.

In two cases, the suspects initiated traffic stops.

According to the Sheriff, the suspects have requested identification and demanded vehicle searches.

A third case was reported on Feb. 11, by Lindsay Walke.  She told investigators she was pulled over near the intersection of Waterfall Drive and Bern Lane in Spring Hill.  She said a man impersonating an officer took her credentials, even performed a field sobriety test.

After several days of investigating, deputies determined Walke made the entire incident up.  She later admitted to investigators that she fabricated the story.

Deputies arrested Walke and charged her with filing a false police report.

The Hernando County Sheriff said it is still investigating the other two incidents and has made one arrest.  It will now seek restitution for expenses spent investigating Walke's claim.

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