Citrus County deputies say Salina Blanton led them on a chase and tried to side swipe a trooper

Salina Blanton of Crystal River is charged with fleeing and eluding and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer following a high speed car chase Thursday night.

An arrest report states Blanton, at times, was driving 100 miles per hour.  It also states a pit maneuver also failed to stop Blanton.

Citrus County deputies say they tried to pull the 29-year-old over because she was speeding and swerving in and out of lanes.

However, deputies say she failed to pull over and even began driving on the shoulder of the road to escape.  That is when Florida Highway Patrol became involved in the chase.

According to the FHP trooper, he had his lights on and sirens activated but Blanton still refused to pull over.  An arrest report states, Blanton tried to sideswipe the trooper on U.S. 19 in an attempt to get away.

Another deputy joined the chase and noted that Blanton began driving at speeds in excess of 75 miles per hour and ran a red light at West Ozello Trail.

The FHP trooper reports that in the area of South Suncoast Boulevard and West Longfellow Street, he took the primary lead in the pursuit in an attempt to conduct a rolling roadblock, or pit.  However, the maneuver failed and Blanton reportedly ran another red light.

After going through the intersection, deputies say Blanton swerved across all lanes of traffic near the Advanced Auto Parts store located at 8545 West Periwinkle lane in Homosassa.  Blanton's car then violently swerved backed on to the road near a Wendy's and continued to the rear parking lot of the restaurant, deputies reported.

At this point, authorities say they were able to box Blanton in.

Deputies say Blanton tried to get out of her car through the driver's side window.

Deputies drew their guns and ordered Blanton to the ground, an arrest report states. Blanton complied and was handcuffed.

The passenger in the car was secured by troopers.

Dash cam video of the chase is not being released to the media.  Heather Yates, spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office said the video cannot be released because the case remains under investigation.

Blanton is being held on $10,000 bond.

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