Citrus County deputies say a man was robbed and beaten with a gun after an acquaintance set it up

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla - A Citrus County man who was approached by an acquaintance for a cigarette was actually being lured into a garage where he was robbed and beaten with a gun, deputies say.

It reportedly happened Tuesday in the 200 block of Cherry Hill in Inverness.

James Forrest told deputies he was walking when a male acquaintance asked him for a cigarette and invited him to sit in the garage.

According to Forrest, once in the garage, the man pulled a gun and began kicking and punching Forrest with it.

According to an arrest report, that is when a female ran into the garage and began picking through Forrest's pockets.  Forrest told deputies the woman also punched and kicked him.

Deputies say that is when two more suspects, both wearing masks, came out of the home and began beating him.

Forrest said he was able to get away from all four suspects but that they stole his cell phone, tennis shoes, money and cigarettes.

Forrest added that he tried to run to neighboring houses for help but was not successful.

During that time, an arrest report states that all four suspects got into a blue Toyota and before driving away, the suspect in the passenger seat pointed a gun at Forrest and attempted to shoot him.

Deputies noted Forrest suffered a laceration to his nose and had a bump on his head.

A .38 caliber shell casing was found in the area Forrest said he was shot at, deputies said.

Deputies spotted the car and they say a chase ensued.

Erik Hill and Kenneth Clarke were arrested and each charged with one count of armed robbery.

Both are being held on $50,000 bond.

It is unclear if the other two suspects were identified.


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