Citrus County deputies say a man pulled over for speeding was hauled in on drug charges

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla - Citrus County deputies say a routine traffic stop Saturday ended in a drug bust.

Lonnie Hurst is now facing possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine charges.  He also was cited for speeding.

Deputies say they first spotted Hurst driving eastbound on West Dunnellon Road.  Hurst was allegedly going 55 mph in a 50 mph zone.

Deputies also noted the windows on Hurst's truck were tinted so much they could not see who was behind the wheel.

Hurst was stopped on North Elkcam Boulevard. 

According to deputies, when Hurst rolled down his window they smelled marijuana.

An arrest report states that Hurst admitted to deputies he was smoking a blunt while driving but threw the blunt out the window when he spotted the deputy.

Marijuana and cocaine were found in Hurst's truck, an arrest report states.

A gun was also found in the truck, deputies say.

Hurst is being held on $10,500 bond.

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