Brooksville historic haunted home offering tours

BROOKSVILLE - Do you believe in ghosts?  If not, a tour through the historic Saxon Manor in Brooksville might change your mind. 

The owners are opening the house for ghost tours throughout October, hoping to raise money to restore the home's inside.

Enter if you dare.

  "Frank Saxon, are you in the room with us?" asked Angela Diblasi, Whispering Spirits Paranormal Team. 

The investigators are at Saxon Manor in Brooksville, built by Frank Saxon in 1877. 

The house is on the National Historic Registry, and while the property is used mostly for weddings and events now, some say Frank Saxon still considers the house his home. 

"We think it's a small child who could be here, along with maybe Frank Saxon, maybe Talula," Sherry McCormic, Whispering Spirits Paranormal Team.

"My niece was in this room and she heard a little girls voice, and that little girl said, mommy, can I paint now, so it frightened her and she ran away," Dorothea Stephens owns Saxon Manor. 

She's opening the house up to the Whispering Spirits Paranormal Team, offering ghost tours throughout October, with all the proceeds going towards renovations. 

"We need a new chimney because it's so old the mortar is like sand and it's separated from the house and the roof is pretty bad."

But even once the renovations are complete, there's no guarantee the spirits who call Saxon Manor home will ever want to leave.

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