Brooksville couple breathing a sigh of relief, after Russian ban almost affects adoption plans

Couple will fly to Russia next month

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. - A Brooksville couple is relieved tonight. A new law almost stopped them from adopting a toddler from overseas.

Cindy and Dennis will soon adopt Adalyn. The toddler will celebrate her 2nd birthday tomorrow. Cindy Boyer said, "It's a celebration because this will be the last day she will not have a family."

Adalyn, has spent all of her life in a Russian orphanage. But, Cindy and Dennis Boyer hope to change that. After friends went through the adoption process, the couple also got interested. They saw Adalyn's photo online and flew to Russia to meet her earlier this month. Cindy Boyer said, "She took to us right away. She immediately came into our arms. There was no crying. She would go back and forth between Dennis and I."

But, the adoption almost hit a snag. A new law, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, now bans Americans from adopting from the country. Luckily, the Boyers already signed their adoption papers. But, they are concerned about how the ban will affect other families. Cindy Boyer said, "It's heartbreaking. It really is. We choose just to believe it's really not going to happen. Even though it's signed, it can be reversed."

Meanwhile, the Boyers say their family will welcome Adalyn with open arms. They already have 8 kids. Three of them have a similar birth defect. Both sides of Adalyn's lips and gums are split. Dennis Boyer said, "We're hearing them calling her their sister. So that was a milestone."

But, the true milestone will come next month, when the Boyer's bring Adalyn home.

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