Port Richey attacker claims to be President Obama

Suspect charged with trying to kidnap two kids

PORT RICHEY, Fla. - Sharaya Smith will think twice the next time she brings her kids to a park.  As much as she worried about their safety, she could never have predicted that a stranger would come out of the bushes at Lake Lisa Park in New Port Richey, calling himself the commander-in-chief.

"He was President Obama and he was here to rid the world of drug dealers, prostitutes, and trash," said Sharaya Smith, who works in the medical field and has seen her fair share of mental patients.  

"Something was definitely off with him," Smith said.

Smith, 28, brought her four-year-old daughter, Tatiana Ortega, to the park, along with her three-year old nephew.  It was late in the afternoon, and she was the only adult left in the area.  A group of teenagers was hanging out nearby.  That's when Bienvenido Cintron approached the children.

Smith said Cintron was calling her daughter a prostitute and was trying to grab both children as she quickly made her way back to her car.  At one point, Smith said, Cintron grabbed her hair as she was running away.  

She managed to get the attention of the teenagers, who made their way to the car as Cintron was reaching inside the vehicle, trying to grab Tatiana, according to Smith.

"Before I could lock it, he opened up the car and reached in," Smith said.  "So I slammed the door and it kind of caught him and when he jerked his hand back I just screamed go, go, go," she said.

The teens confronted Cintron, apparently punching him in the face.  Ortega said she could tell by seeing his mugshot.

"Some teenagers beat him up, so he had two black eyes," the little girl said.

After Pasco County Sheriff's deputies were notified, they were able to arrest Cintron near the Lake Lisa Park.  He was taken to jail and held on $150,000 bond.

Smith said she'll always go to the park with a friend or when there's more people nearby.  She also has some advice for other parents.

"Just be vigilant.  We all think we have superhuman mommy strength," Smith said.

"Just keep your kids in arm's reach.  Don't get too comfortable, even if you're at a park because that doesn't mean you're safe," she said.

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