Local T.V. celebrity secretly drugged at Tampa Bar has plan to keep other young women safe

Tampa woman is jailed after drinking spiked wine

TAMPA - Adrienne Gang remembers it as if it were yesterday.  

"It was a Tuesday night.  Ladies night," said Gang with a rueful smile.

Last December, Gang was at the bar of an upscale South Tampa restaurant with three girlfriends.

"There was a table of guys that we didn't speak to who sent drinks over to our table.  They sent glasses of red wine. The last thing I remember was saying goodnight to my girlfriends," remembers Gang.

Gang now believes that wine was powerfully spiked. But instead of being sexually assaulted by the men in the bar, Adrienne was pushed into a taxi.  Incoherent and combative, she got aggressive with the cab driver who called police. Gang's friends apparently didn't drink enough of the wine to be affected.

"The next thing I know, it's 3:00 in the morning and I'm getting my fingerprints done at central booking at Orient Jail."

Adrienne left the jail facing a battery charge. She immediately went to a clinic to be drug tested at her own expense.  The lab called with results confirming she had a dangerously high level of GHB, a known date-rape drug.  
A Tampa Bay area native, Gang will be familiar to viewers of the popular reality series, 'Below Deck' on Bravo.  As the chief steward on a luxury yacht, Adrienne comes across as serious and hardworking.

"I'm traveled. I'm educated. I'm not a college freshman.  I'm not a high-school senior.  the fact that it happened to me means it could happen to anybody."

We confirmed that with Tampa Police Captain Ruben Delgado, who said women should never leave their drink unattended.

"If you get a drink, make sure it comes from a bartender.  If somebody wants to buy you a drink, then walk up to the bar with them and make the bartender give you the drink," said Delgado.

Adrienne Gang is hoping to help others through her experience.  She's working with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay to distribute test strips that can be used to test any liquid for illicit drugs. Put a drop on the material and it will change color.

"I think if it stops just one person from having this happen to them or if one parent has a conversation with their kid about it and it makes them more aware, then I think that awareness is valuable," said Gang.

The charges against Gang have been dropped.

She's now working to identify the men who may have done this to her. 

We are not naming the bar/restaurant, because no official charges or accusations have been brought.  And the truth is, this can --  and does -- happen at all kinds of establishments.

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