Budget battle involving Obamacare could lead to a shutdown of the Federal Government by next week

MacDill Air Force Base workers would take a hit

TAMPA - Some Republicans and a couple Democrats in Congress  are so opposed to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, they're threatening to oppose a spending bill unless it's de-funded.

That means we're less than a week away from a possible shutdown of the federal government.

If Congress fails to pass what's called a continuing resolution or C.R., Uncle Sam runs out of money on October 1.

If you want to visit a national park, zoo or museum, you'll need to make other plans, they'll be closed.  And if you need to get a passport for a foreign trip, that'll have to wait too along with  gun permits, permits, passports and even some home purchases.

"If you're trying to take out a loan right now and it's a federally insured loan, chances are that's going to come to a screeching halt and that would not be good for our economy" said former Democratic Congressman, Jim Davis.

Davis believes a minority of Republicans insisting on the defunding of Obamacare is  putting our fragile economy at risk.

The Bay Area's five Republican Congressman oppose Obamacare. Those whose offices responded, Vern Buchanan, Dennis Ross and Bill Young  also say they don't want a government shutdown.

But there may be enough others in Washington, like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas  who are willing to shut down the government out of principle.

"That should be our priority. Not simply continuing business as usual in Washington" Cruz told CNN this week.

Retired MacDill Wing Commander, General David "Tanker" Snyder who served during the Bush Administration doesn't wade into the politics, but believes the local military community could be badly hurt by a government shutdown.

"We have outstanding defense contractors who provide critical services that aren't going to get funded. They'll have to have people laid off. Retirees may not get paid. It's going to have a huge ripple effect here in the Tampa Bay Community" said Snyder.

As bad as a budget shutdown would be, many believe Republican threats to default on the U.S. Debt by refusing to raise the debt limit will have even more devastating consequences for jobs, the stock market and interest rates. The deadline for that comes in late October.

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