Paula Broadwell says she's sorry

Former mistress of David Petraeus speaks out

CHARLOTTE, NC - The woman at the center of a scandal that helped bring down the director of the CIA said she is sorry about what happened.  Paula Broadwell told TV station WSOC in Charlotte that she regrets how her affair with David Petraeus affected others.

"I have remorse for the harm that this has caused, the sadness it has caused my family and other families," Broadwell said in the first sit down interview since the scandal broke six months ago.

Broadwell, who now works with charities involving veterans, said she credits her support network for keeping her afloat during the worst of the national publicity about her relationship with the former general.

"I'm very blessed.  Blessed with an awesome family, a wonderful community that's been a great part of my rehabilitation, if you will," Broadwell said.

"Even when you've made mistakes in life you can still contribute and pick up the stuff and move on."

The controversy started when Tampa socialite Jill Kelley complained to an acquaintance at the FBI that she was receiving threatening emails from Broadwell.  An investigation revealed that Petraeus was having an affair with Broadwell, and he would later submit his resignation to President Obama.

"I'm not focused on the past," Broadwell said.  "It was a devastating period for our family.  We still have some healing to do.  We're very focused on how can we continue to contribute and use this for the greater good to do something good in the next chapter," she said.

Broadwell credits her husband for providing much of the support, despite the affair.

The former U.S. Army Reserve intelligence officer said she now works closely with veterans groups like Purple Heart Homes and Patriot Charities.

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