NFL hopeful Teddy Bridgewater surprises his 'survivor' mom with ultimate Mother's Day gift

NEW YORK - NFL draft hopeful Teddy Bridgewater fulfilled a promise Monday he made to his mom when was only 8 years old.

Rose Murphy raised her son while battling and eventually beating breast cancer in Miami. Bridgewater’s story of rising from a young peewee football player to a potential NFL star, all while caring for his mom, caught filmmaker Spike Lee's attention. Lee produced a short documentary about the family, "A #Promise2Rose, ABC News reported.

“When I make it to the NFL, I’m going to buy you a pink Cadillac Escalade with pink rims,” Bridgewater, now 21, recalled telling his mom when he was in the third grade, ABC News reported.

Because Murphy is a breast cancer survivor, the Cadillac’s pink color has significant meaning to her.

Now, more than a decade later, Bridgewater is set not just to make it to the NFL but to make it big, as a possible No. 1 pick in Thursday’s NFL draft.

The celebrated quarterback made good on his promise after a birthday lunch in New York. When the pair walked out of the restaurant, a shiny Escalade, provided by Cadillac, was parked at the curb.  Good Morning America's Robin Roberts was there to capture the surprise.

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“It was just amazing. I was in awe. I was like, ‘Oh my God,’” Murphy said today on “Good Morning America.”  “It was a long time coming and just to see it, I was in awe. I didn’t think it was going to happen this soon. I thought, later on, a couple years down the road.”

Bridgewater said he couldn't wait to give his mom the ultimate gift.

When asked if he was nervous about the upcoming NFL Draft, Bridgewater seemed calm and cool.

“I’m (not nervous) I'm ready to just get my career started and whatever team I land on, I’m ready to go.”

Bridgewater was a star quarterback at the University of Louisville, where he piled up nearly 10,000 yards of passing offense in three seasons.

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