Who is Rita Eldridge?

Rita Eldridge was a longtime resident of St. Petersburg.

She and her late husband helped raise their granddaughter Amy, taking her in even after both were retired and living on a fixed income.

According to Amy, Rita was the type of grandmother everyone wanted... full of fun and full of love.

Amy remembers fun times as a child swimming in the kiddie pool in the front yard and feeding ducks at a nearby park.

Rita was incapacitated in 2007.

Her family has no idea why Patricia Johnson got involved and petitioned for her incapacity.

Once she was incapacitated, Johnson evicted Eldridge's adult son James from her home. She then obtained a court order that required James to pay $4,974.21 for Johnson's attorney's fees to evict him.

The home was sold for half its appraised value. The home's contents were then sold for only $295, yet family members were not allowed to retrieve sentimental items like photographs.

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