Who is Rebie Ellen Jimenez?

Rebie Ellen Jimenez is 74 years old.

She moved to the Tampa Bay area from Augusta, Ga. as a teenager.

Jimenez worked as a waitress at Pepin Restaurant in St. Petersburg for more than three decades. She met her husband Fernando while working there.

They were married for more than 24 years.

Jimenez suffered mental illness in recent years. She became a ward of Patricia Johnson in August of 2012 after being incapacitated by the court.

Johnson immediately seized her home and kicked her husband out of the house.

He died several days later. His relatives believe the stress of being evicted from his home contributed to his death.

Jimenez's daughter Cindy Lee said her mother often bought jewelry with the tips she earned at the restaurant. She told her children and grandchildren that she planned to give those items to them, when she got older.

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Lee returned to her childhood home after her mother was committed to try to retrieve sentimental items and to check on her stepfather.

Lee said Patricia's husband Delmon accompanied her into the house to get clothes for her mother, but claims he would not allow her to take anything else.

Lee said she was never allowed to see an inventory of the home, which was quickly sold.

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