Who is Paulette Karpa?

Paulette Karpa was born in 1924 in Eastern Europe.

Her family moved to France, where she met an American Soldier who was serving in France during World War II.

The soldier arranged for a "surprise" wedding, telling her mother to convince Paulette to wear a fancy dress for what she thought was going to be a night out on the town.

The couple were married, returned to his home in New Jersey, then retired in Palm Harbor, Fla. 20 years ago.

Paulette liked to take daily walks, was an avid gardener, was active in her church and played cards regularly with seniors in her neighborhood until 2009.

In that year, Patricia Johnson was appointed her guardian, after she was incapacitated.

More than four dozen friends and neighbors signed a petition delivered to the court attesting that she had a sound mind at the time.

We spoke to several neighbors and Karpa's niece about her situation

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