Who is Patricia Johnson?

Patricia Johnson has been a professional guardian in Pinellas County for the past 27 years.

She is married to Delmon Johnson, who is also a professional guardian. Her daughter Patricia Fiedler is also a professional guardian in Pinellas County.

The Johnsons own a feed store in Pinellas Park and an equestrian center.

Together Patricia Johnson, Patricia Fiedler and Delmon Johnson purchased a commercial warehouse last year for $435,000 which they currently have listed for sale with their friend, Richard Butler, for $650,000.

Patricia Johnson has been investigated before for alleged improprieties.

While no criminal charges were ever fired against her, Patricia Johnson resigned from the non-profit professional guardianship she founded when board members insisted that she divest from an antique dealership she owned at the time.

Board members believed that represented a conflict of interest.

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