Study: More pro views in news reports on same-sex marriage

NEW YORK (AP) - A study of media coverage around the time the U.S. Supreme Court was considering the same-sex marriage issue shows news reports had much more from supporters than opponents.

The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism said Monday that by nearly a 5-to-1 margin, stories contained more statements supporting legalization of same-sex marriage than opposing it. Pew looked at nearly 500 stories over a two-month period around March when the court heard arguments on the issue.

Pew said the imbalance was largely because many of the stories were about changing public attitudes, or politicians announcing their support of legalization.

Proponents also were more consistent in their message, defining it as an issue of civil rights. Pew said opponents didn't coalesce on a primary reason for not supporting same-sex marriage.

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