Soldier: Minneapolis man ordered Nazi-led attack

UPDATE:  German prosecutor recommending murder charges against US man who was commander in SS-led unit.
Original story below:
The Associated Press has uncovered testimony that says a Minnesota man who was a Nazi SS-led company commander ordered his men to attack a village that was razed to the ground in 1944, contradicting claims by the man's family that he was never at the scene of the civilian massacre.
In June, an AP investigation revealed that Michael Karkoc was a commander in the SS-led Ukrainian Self Defense Legion. The report indicated that Karkoc was in the area of massacres, but found no records linking him to atrocities.
A newly unearthed investigative file reveals that a private under Karkoc's command testified that Karkoc ordered the assault on Chlaniow in retaliation for the slaying of an SS major. Contacted about the findings, Karkoc's son said: "We will not respond."
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