Senate rejects latest House GOP effort on budget

WASHINGTON - A Senate vote this morning has left Democrats and Republicans no closer to resolving the deadlock that has brought a partial shutdown of the federal government.

The Senate today rejected the House's call to form a negotiating committee to resolve the deadlock.

Republicans who control the House are still insisting on changes to President Barack Obama's health care law as a condition for providing funding to keep the government operating. Senate Democrats and the White House are rejecting that idea. The White House says it's open to making changes in the health care law, but not while federal spending is being held hostage.

Moments after today's Senate vote, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid put the blame on House Republicans. He said, "The government is closed because of the irrationality of what's going on on the other side of the Capitol."

But Republicans say the shutdown is caused by the refusal of the White House to negotiate on the health care law.


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