Arizona tour bus swept up, flips in flash flooding; all aboard out safely

KINGMAN, Az. - A tour bus with 33 people reportedly on board was pushed down a flooded wash and flipped over in northwestern Arizona on Sunday.

A sheriff's spokesperson told Scripps station ABC 15 in Arizona that everyone aboard the bus at the time is believed to be accounted for.

Kingman, Arizona, Fire Department spokesperson Bill Johnston tells ABC 15 that the bus got stuck and was pushed in an area as torrential rain poured down.

The bus was pushed down the wash near Kingman and Dolan Springs by flood waters and flipped over.

Multiple agencies responded and air support was called in to assist.

The National Weather Service in Las Vegas tweeted earlier Sunday that flash flooding was prevalent in the area at the time, including along Pierce Ferry Road - a remote road in the area.

The agency tweeted the tour bus was reportedly "floating down the wash" before flipping.

Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire Department Chief Pat Moore told ABC 15 that passengers climbed out through the driver's window onto the side of the bus and jumped onto a nearby embankment.

A tour bus company is sending a replacement bus from Las Vegas, where the tour originated.

The Mohave County, Arizona, Sheriff's Office will determine whether the bus driver will be cited, according to ABC 15.

Moore said he believes the driver should be held accountable for driving across standing water.

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