Angelina Jolie's medical journey outlined on breast center website

The world seems to be watching Angelina's every move, even here in the Tampa Bay area.  A spokesperson from Moffitt Cancer Center said they are seeing an increase in calls for genetic testing ever since Jolie's announcement.

In the meantime, Jolie's doctor outlined the complete process online.  

Angelina Jolie's medical journey is an open book.  She's allowing her doctor to share it all online at Jolie had all three operations at Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills.

"We hope the awareness she is raising around the world will save countless lives," said her physician, Dr. Kristi Fun.

Dr. Funk explained the five-stage process, beginning with stage 1, Jolie's decision to gather data and information.  Her own mother died at 56 after battling cancer for 10 years.

"She didn't do anything other than love her children and raise them with so much care," said Jolie a few years back in an ABC interview.

Jolie said she wants to see all six of her children grow up  She wants to meet her grandchildren.  It brought her to stage 2, Traveling the Road of Surveillance, which means undergoing tests and understanding her risks.

The 37-year-old  learned she had a 50% chance of developing ovarian cancer and an 87% risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The findings led her to stage three, committing to surgery and then to stage four, preparing for operations, and enter stage five, recovering from her operations.

All the while, Jolie never skipped a beat, appearing completely composed and her usual self while promoting her many charities and causes.

She was seen in February taking her twins to the Natural History Museum in New York City with her fiancé Brad Pitt, just two days before doctors removed breast tissue.

Then just a month after having her double mastectomy on February 16, she looked as healthy as ever on humanitarian trip to the Congo in March.

Jolie then traveled to London for the G-8 Summit in April, not letting the world in on her secret, that 16 days after that appearance she she would undergo reconstructive surgery.  All the while having her partner, Brad Pitt, by her side.  

Pitt told USA TODAY, "It was really important to share her story and others would understand it doesn't have to be a scary thing."

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