Website offers the chance to get 'Facebook-official' with a fake girlfriend

The concept of a blow-up girlfriend has reached a new level thanks to the powers of the Internet and the popularity of social networking.

A new website called Cloud Girlfriend is hoping to give lonely Facebook users the girlfriend they’ve been dreaming of. While their website doesn’t appear operational yet, it tells visitors and potential clients to that all they have to do it define their perfect girlfriend and the company will “bring her into existence”.

According to AOL News, the internet company will create a public profile for a fake girlfriend that the user can then connect with on social media websites. The guy will then feel like he’s in a long distance relationship, and all of his friends will think he’s off the market.

However, this company may never be fully up and running. The Facebook statement of rights and responsibilities, for example, states that users will only provide their real names and information on profiles, making it hard for fake girlfriends to meet the mark. 

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