Weather Channel interns get blasted by Twitter Tornado to promote #TornadoWeek

The Weather Channel interns are in desperate need of paper weights!

As a way to promote Tornado Week, the interns have been placed into an indoor Twitter-powered tornado.

According to the Weather Channel's website:

Our Weather Channel interns got so excited about Tornado Week they wanted to recreate a Twitter powered Tornado in our office - so we did, and sat them right in the middle of it! Now you are in control of the winds. Every public mention of #TornadoWeek on Twitter raises the scale and boosts the winds. You can even Tweet at the interns using the @TornadoWeek handle. Hit 1,000,000 mentions and we will turn up the wind for a full blown EF-5 tornado inside the Weather Channel offices!

Throughout the day, The Weather Channel personalities have even stepped in to join the fun.

The viral gimmick is happening until Friday, May 3, at 8pm.

You can watch the intern shenanigans live on YouTube below:

So far, they've hit over 26,000 tweets and winds have been set at 122 MPH.

Give the interns a run for their money.  Tweet here.

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