Video: Couple dangling from fifth-floor balcony in China rescued

A woman and her boyfriend were saved from a deadly fate after they both ended up dangling from a balcony in northeast China.

A citizen who witnessed the event was able to record video as the couple held on for their lives.

The two were in an apartment on the fifth floor when the woman slipped, according to a report from The Telegraph. (

An eyewitness said the woman was sitting on the window balcony with her feet on a clothes rack when she lost her footing.

The boyfriend was able to catch her just in time, but the weight also dragged him through the window, causing him to dangle as he held on to his girlfriend.

A neighbor from the fourth-floor jumped into action and grabbed the man's legs.

Neighbors from the third and six floors also gave support before firefighters arrived at the scene.

It took 20 minutes before the couple was lifted to safety. Watch the video of the incident below.

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