Target launches affordable wedding gown collection, Tevolio

You may think that you've walked into the wrong store the next time you make a Target run, but your eyes are not deceiving you: Target now carries wedding dresses.

The mass retailer has jumped onto the wedding industry bandwagon and is now selling four wedding gowns, ranging from $99.99 to $129.

Jennifer Lansing of Target's product development team says each dress has something that makes it special.

 "For example, some dresses have a removable flower pin. You can wear the dress with or without it. Many of our dresses have pockets—even bridal gowns. We know that most brides don't exactly carry a handbag during the ceremony. And she needs lipstick," Lansing says in a press release.

The gowns are by Tevolio, inspired by the Italian phrase "Ti voglio", which loosely translates into "I love you", Yahoo Shine reports.

Teveolio also offers up to 10 bridesmaids dresses.

Considering the fact Target carries a bit of everything, it could be a one-stop shop for brides to get their clothes, supplies, thank you cards and create a bridal gift registry.

Target isn't the only big box retailer who has gotten in the bridal game. Other stores, such as Costco and J. Crew also joined the club in recent years.

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