Pie Personality: What your favorite pie says about you

The holiday season is in full swing and we all know turkey is Thanksgiving staple, but pie is a close second. According to the American Pie Council, when asked what dessert is preferred for Thanksgiving dinner, 29 percent chose pie over cake, cookies and other sweets.

And their pie experts claim you can learn a lot about a person by knowing a person's favorite pie.    

Apple pie lovers are considered independent, realist and compassionate.

Pecan Pie lovers are thoughtful and analytical.

Chocolate pie lovers are, well, loving.

Pumpkin pie lovers are considered independent.

Apple pie is the American favorite with 19 percent, followed by 13 percent for pumpkin, 12 percent for pecan, 10 percent for banana and 9 percent for cherry.

Other fun facts about Americans and their love for pie:

-      1 in 5 Americans have eaten an entire pie by themselves.

-      113 million Americans have eaten pie for breakfast.

-      6 million American men have eaten the last piece of pie – and then denied it!

-      If you love apple pie, you are likely to be independent, realistic and compassionate.

-      If you love pumpkin pie, you are likely to be funny and independent.

What's your favorite pie? Does that assessment of your pie personality ring true?


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