Napping at work a growing trend to energize employees, boost productivity

Preschoolers no longer corner the market on napping.

If you've ever wished you could to take a nap in the middle of an exhausting work day, some employers are now encouraging workers to embrace that feeling, USA Today reports.

Nationwide Planning Associates Inc. in New Jersey repurposed an unused closet, decked it out with a recliner, a fountain and bamboo rug for ambiance---all in the name of the power nap.

Instead of just powering through the day on caffeine and energy drinks, employees at the investment firm can sign up for 20 minute blocks of sleep twice a week to get a natural boost of energy.

NPA employees have their 27-year-old co-worker James Colleary, to thank for the breaks.

He presented data to his employers about the benefits of napping at work after being introduced to the concept during a previous internship.

Several employers have adopted the practice as research continues to show that worker fatigue is an epidemic that affects productivity.

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