Southpaws celebrate International Left-Handers' Day on Aug. 13

Aug. 13 is International Left-Handers' Day.

According to, a group launched the day in 1992 to include world-wide celebrations. The day is most widely celebrated in the United Kingdom, where a number of organizations hold organized events.

Here are five fast facts about lefties, according to

  • 1. Left-handers adjust more readily to seeing under water.
  • 2. Most left-handers draw figures facing to the right.
  • 3. Four out of the original five designers of the Macintosh computer were left-handed.
  • 4. Left-handers excel in tennis, baseball, swimming and fencing
  • 5. One in four Apollo astronauts were left-handed, which is 250 percent higher than normal levels of left-handedness.

Famous south paws include Albert Einstein, Cary Grant, Tom Cruise, Yogi Berra, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, Judy Garland and Henry Ford.

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