Ashley Hyde acanthamoeba infection: Pembroke Pines student nearly goes blind when parasite eats eye

Parasite grew on her contact lens

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. -- A South Florida high school senior is lucky to have her vision after a parasite grew on her contact lens and ate through her eye, according to Local 10 news.

According to, Ashley Hyde, 18, contracted an acanthamoeba infection in her left eye after not changing her lenses regularly.

Hyde, a Pembroke Pines resident, initially left doctors stumped as to what was causing her blurred vision and inflammation.

"Every day, we see people come in with contact lens related to infections, complications, ulcers," Dr. Adam Clarin, an optometric physician told Local 10. "There are all things that are potentially blinding."

According to the New York Daily News, doctors drilled into Hyde's eye and took scrapings from the eyeball. They soon discovered a microscopic parasite - found in water and soil - had latched onto and spread across the lens, the Daily News reports.

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