Temple Terrace school invites Pope Francis to celebration

Students wrote letters to the Vatican in December

Temple Terrace - As Corpus Christi Catholic School in Temple Terrace prepared to celebrate their 50th anniversary, Principal Carmen Caltagirone asked students to participate in a project: Write a letter to Pope Francis and invite him to the school.

"We're a small school with a really big heart," Caltagirone said.

The 50th anniversary mass for the school is scheduled for 5 p.m. Saturday.

"We want Pope Francis to come and meet here and party with us," fifth-grader Carson Jeffords said.

Eighth-grader Ally Kopp wrote to the pope in her letter, "Having you here with us, or even receiving a simple letter or memento back would truly make this year one to remember."

The school sent over 200 letters in December. The principal said they have not yet heard back from the Vatican.

While Caltagirone acknowledges the chances of the pope making it to Temple Terrace at such a late hour are slim, she hopes to still receive some sort of response from Pope Francis.



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