People battling Frontier Communications over billing issues, overcharges

Posted: 4:45 PM, Oct 13, 2017
Updated: 2017-10-13 22:40:33Z

Some say Frontier Communications has overcharged them hundreds of dollars and have struggled to get a satisfactory response from customer service.

Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Florida Attorney General's Office

From the start, Danielle Ferrari, has been in a battle with Frontier Communications. She owns a small clothing and consignment store in Tampa.

"The very first bill was wildly wrong," Ferrari said.

Bills show it was more than $340. Ferrari said it was supposed to be a little more than $100.  She said she called and Frontier and they promised to fix the mistake. However she said in the months that followed, she was repeatedly overcharged in various amounts.

"The next one wasn't correct and the next one wasn't correct," she said.

She said she continued to call Frontier's Customer Service, but they were never able to fix the overcharges. She said she repeatedly asked to speak with a manager and was denied.

"It's just really frustrating," Ferrari said. "Businesses should do what they say they're going to do."

Others like Christina Herrman said she's been dealing with overcharges by Frontier Communications for years.

"Ever since Frontier took over, our bill has gotten exceedingly more each month, now up to $260," she posted on a thread talking about the issue on Facebook. "Even charging us for a 2nd cable box/DVR for the past year that we never had."

Herrman told ABC Action News the same story over the phone.

She said she repeatedly tried to call Frontier to clear up the overcharges but struggled to find a resolution with customer service. She said she got so frustrated she just gave up and started paying the charges.

"I do ask to talk to a "supervisor," which I wait on hold for 20 minutes to get one on the phone, to spend another hour and they can't help me," she posted. "Hours upon hours wasted trying to deal with them."

Alan Borden, a Tampa consumer protection attorney with Debt Relief Legal Group, says often bills are very long and hard to understand, one of the biggest complaints Herrman and Ferrari have about their bills.

"They make it as convoluted as possible but theoretically, they can sneak in these overcharges where you won't notice, or you'll just give up," Borden said.

Borden said if you feel you've been overcharged and customer service isn't doing anything to correct it, you must notify the company in writing, preferably by certified mail.

"That puts them on notice that they've done something wrong," Borden said. "At that point when it goes month after month after month that they're not clearing that charge up or haven't responded in an adequate way, that's when you have the right to sue."

He said you can also file a complaint with the State of Florida or with the Florida Attorney General's Office to get your complaint put into public record. Typically, if enough people file complaints, the state will take action against the company.

Ferrari filed a complaint with with the State of Florida about her Frontier problems and received a response from the state within a few days. Frontier responded and gave her a credit on her account. However, Ferrari said the company will not release her from her contract.

We are always interested in receiving concerns like this, said Andy Malinoski, communications manager for Frontier Communications, via email.
1-800-921-8101 is the appropriate number for the customer to call and have their issue resolved or go to
There are chat options, the ability to schedule a call back and email there, said Andy Malinoski, communications manager for Frontier Communications.
Each concern is handled individually and our customer service team will work with them on an individual basis to help resolve the situation, Malinoski said.

Frontier is taking a look at three separate cases ABC Action News has brought to them and is working to get them resolved.