Internet cafe supporters rally in Spring Hill

SPRING HILL, Fla. - Dozens of internet cafe supporters rallied outside Spinners Sweepstakes in Spring Hill Friday afternoon, the same day the Florida House of Representatives overwhelmingly supported a ban on the establishments.

Many attending the rally signed petitions asking state lawmakers to make internet cafe gaming legal.

Terry Kasberg owns Spinners, and said Florida's economy would take a hit if cafe sweepstakes were banned.

"Regulate us. Don't eliminate us. Figure out a way to make it work," Kasberg said.

On Monday, several lawmakers in Tallahassee voiced their support of ending internet cafes.

"We are attempting to close down illegitimate businesses that look like a gambling operation, act like a gambling operation, sound and operate like a gambling operation, yet insist they are not," said State Senator Garrett Richter of Naples.

The bill banning internet cafes could go to Governor Rick Scott as early as May.

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