New audio obtained in the controversial traffic stop case involving a city manager

Dispatch calls signal confusion

PORT RICHEY, Fla. - The time line made up of audio dispatches, recorded phone conversations and computer reports we've obtained reveals confusion over how to handle the case involving the city official asleep at the wheel.

Just after midnight on July 13, New Port Richey Corporal William Phillips responds to a call of a car parked in the street and a driver asleep at the wheel.

According to his report, the New Port Richey Officer recognized the sleeping man as Port Richey City Manager Tom O'Neill. Four minutes after Cpl. Phillips' arrival his dispatch center calls Port Richey dispatch and requests a supervisor.

Port Richey advises there are no supervisors on duty. Two minutes later New Port Richey calls Port Richey dispatch a second time asking yet again for a senior officer.

According to Cpl. Phillips report he requested dispatch contact Port Richey because neither he or the officer on scene had a working dash cam system yet new Port Richey dispatch never asks for a car with a camera.

Twenty minutes into the call a Port Richey Police Officer arrives and rolls his dash cam. Six minutes later Port Richey's Police Chief Dave Brown radios in.

The officers do not attend to O'Neill.

Thirteen minutes later Chief Brown, O'Neill's friend and employee walks into dash cam view.  Cpl. Phillips is on the scene more than half an hour before he calls for fire rescue.  Cpl. Phillips notes signs of intoxication and the smell of alcohol in his report but closes the case after paramedics suggest O'Neill be taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

Port Richey City Councilman Terrance Rowe says he's awaiting the outcome of the Pasco Pinellas State Attorney's investigation before deciding what if action city council should take.

The Pasco Pinellas State Attorney's Office says it has given notice it plans to ask for the blood draw at the hospital. O'Neill has 10 days to appeal.

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