California serial killer may be linked to cold cases in Florida

TAMPA - Sam Little's rap sheet details all sorts of crimes in 24 states spanning more than half a decade.

But, even authorities are stunned the 72-year-old former boxer spent less than 10 years in prison.  They said that ends now. DNA just linked him to three cold cases in California.  Detectives across the nation are now being asked to take another look at unsolved homicides, including here in Florida

"t is a big deal We are in the infancy stages in this investigation," said Jeff Fortier, a Special Agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Fortier said the FDLE is leading a review on cold cases in jurisdictions across the bay area.  Little's mother is from Dade County. Authorities they believe he lived here off and on for decades, traveling throughout the state. He was even tried for a murder in Gainesville in the early 80's, but acquitted.

"If there is evidence that was recovered from the crime scene where the body was located we are asking them to resubmit their evidence into the crime lab," said Fortier.

And that could include DNA evidence in the murder of a 21-year-old Largo woman. The St. Petersburg Independent, a former newspaper in the 80's detailed a reward offered for information for her killer.

Kimberly Kessinger left Pinellas County and was found two days later dead, behind a church in Mason, Georgia in May of 1982.

Authorities now know that it was just seven miles from where Little lived at the time.

The FDLE bulletin has Tampa Police responding quickly.

"We will look back at our cold cases and look at our victims and see if his M.O. matches victims he's targeted in the past," said police spokesperson Laura McElroy.

The agency has a couple dozen unsolved crimes.

"It is a big deal because it may lead to a break in one of our cases and it may bring some peace to one of our victims families," said McElroy.

The FDLE said there are already 15 cases where evidence is being prepared for analysis. It could take 60 days for the DNA results.

Officials with the the Los Angeles police department are expected to speak Wednesday.

Mississippi has already reopened a cold case they believe is linked to Little.

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