Ashley, Bill and John sample Jelly Belly's latest flavor

TAMPA - Jelly Belly has recently released there latest flavor or jelly bean. Drum roll's beer flavored! The alcohol free jelly bean is meant to taste just like a draft beer.

Does it? That is left up to the sampler. Jelly Belly does offer their classic mash ups of flavors such as Draft Beer plus Red Apple to create Apple Cider Shandy, or Draft Beer plus Lemon Lime plus Tabasco equals Michelada.

The booze flavored beans sold out online in three days and are currently out of stock until February 10. After that they can be purchased online and will soon be available in retail stores that sell Jelly Beans.

Check out Jelly Belly's website for more information.

Watch Bill Logan, Ashley Glass and John Thomas try the beans here.

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