ABC Action News is taking action for your health with the start of the new year

TAMPA - With the start of a new year comes new year resolutions. The gyms fill up for the month of January with people who have made the commitment that 2014 is the year to get in shape. But come February, March the packed gyms start to thin out as those resolutionists drop their resolutions.

ABC Action News is taking action for you and your health with the start of the new year. We want to give you guidance on how to not only change your lifestyle to get healthy, but how to maintain it too.

Weekend Morning Show Anchor, Ashley Glass, was live all Saturday morning  from YouFit gym, located on Hillsborough Avenue. With the help of knowledgeable fitness trainers, Ashley took us through the steps on how to not let the gym be so intimidating. They demonstrated exercises that are easy to start out with and walked her through what machines are good go-tos for first timers. We also showed what questions you should ask when signing up for a membership at a new gym.

But what if you hate going to the gym? It's okay, it's not for everyone. Enter entertainment reporter, Sean Daly. He met with a running coach from Run Tampa, a yoga instructor from Downtown Yoga in Tampa, a trainer from the up and coming group workout Camp Gladiator and a paddleboarding instructor from Urban Kai, to learn other ways to get in shape without the gym.  You can watch each segment here

We were also joined in studio by Tampa General Hospital Dietician, Darbie Wilder, who provided helpful information on appropriate portions to eat, what kinds of healthy foods to look for at the grocery store and how to maintain a healthy diet. 

To set a good example, Jenny Hodges joined Ashley at the gym to talk about her 212 pound weight loss and how she accomplished her goal through diet and exercise. With the change in mindset from stationary to active, Hodges was able to transform her lifestyle into an active one that allowed her to be a better mother, and overall healthier person. Learn more about her story at here

Take action for yourself this year. Through diet and exercise you can achieve the goals you set for yourself. 

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