Yankee fans already flocking to Tampa to see their stars

TAMPA - Despite these kids' better efforts to keep it going, Football season is over. And once the Bucs stop playing and Monster Trucks are gone, its the circus that comes to town just to the south of Raymond James Stadium.

Not the UniverSoul show under the big top -- but the autograph seekers and fans -- yearning for Yankees...

"It makes my son happy," said Lisa Hyman.  "It makes me happy.  If I still lived in New York, you couldn't even get the oppportunity to be this close to do this."  

With the spring home of the New York Baseball Club firmly exstablished along Himes Avenue in West Tampa, folks like Lisa here can queue up for an up close and personal opportunity with players coming and going from the facility. And they're all here -- like they have been for years -- for one person.

"Derek Jeter," said Scott Baldwin matter-of-factly.
"You have your fans out here -- your die-hard fans and you have collectors and dealers trying to make a buck but for the most people -- it's fans and collectors that just want to get a piece, if they get to seer derek jeter, talk to him, or get an autograph, they leave here very happy."

Indeed, they come here happy enough to wait... In some cases overnight.

"Just to see Derek Jeter...I mean, he's one of the best in new york," said David Escdalante -- whjo had reserved his "first" place in line by getting to the Yankees Facility at 7 the NIGHT BEFORE. "So, i meanif it has to be 15-20 hours, that doesn't matter."

On this day, the 16 hour wait was worth it for David, and the otehrs who were able to get a scrawled name on a picture.

Even though were asked to *not take pictures of the signing, we did surely get the sense that -- once again the fans got what they came for... Today.  And they'll be back again tomorrow.

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