Local artist Jules Burt's art will take center stage as the next Miss America is crowned tonight

Local artist creates portraits of each contestant

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - Her house, from room to room, is a portrait in Pop Art, and that is because in her own words, local artist Jules Burt, is "the Queen of Pop Art."

The queen's art is everywhere and was even featured on the TV show Friends. Well now her Majesty's glamorous glossies are going to take center stage as the contestants of the Miss America Pageant take center stage vying for their own crown tonight in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Jules got the call from organizers of the pageant asking her to create pop art portraits of each of the 53 contestants. So for the last 2 months she has done nothing but painted and pasted. From the bright colors to glitter, each portrait resembles the contestants, "I made each one look similar," Jules explained, "with the hairdo and the eye color."

So each of the constants, including Miss Florida, Myrrhanda Jones, will receive a portrait courtesy of Jules Burt.

It is the perfect match because beauty queen is what Jules' art is all about. "Everybody is beautiful," Jules would tell me her smile getting bigger wit each word. "Everybody is beautiful in their own way. This makes you want to put on some lipstick and conquer the day."

So know this when the next Miss America is crowned on stage, she has already be immortalized in Pop Culture.

The Miss America Pageant is tonight on ABC starting at 9PM.

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