7-Eleven store clerk stabbed to death in Riverview

RIVERVIEW, Fla. - Hillsborough County deputies are still in the middle of a massive manhunt, looking for the man who stabbed a Riverview 7-11 clerk to death.

Their biggest clue so far is surveillance images from inside the store, which caught the scuffle between the victim, 54 year-old Kenneth Lee Redding, and his attacker.

"It's extremely crucial, it actually shows the entire crime occurring," said Col. Donna Lusczynski with the Sheriff's Office.

The tape shows a white male wearing a royal blue hoodie with black sleeves and wearing jeans.

Jeremy Walker says it was around 1:30 a.m Wednesday morning when he was making his typical stop to the store on Bloomingdale and Providence, when he noticed the clerk was not at the counter.

He made his way down the aisles, and found Redding suffering from numerous stab wounds and bleeding profusely.

So much so, he said, it was hard to get over to Redding.

"I saw what I thought the wounds were, and grabbed a bunch of napkins that I could plug him with," Walker said.

Right before he entered the store, he says he noticed a man dashing out of the store and taking off on foot, but his concerns were with helping an ailing Redding.

"I asked if he could hear me or understand me to blink, and he did so I went 'alright he could do that.' He tried to speak at first… but he just started… he couldn't… he couldn't speak," Walker said emotionally.

Another customer who was pumping gas called 911 Walker says, and paramedics took Redding to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Detectives are looking into a motive for the crime, and say they have several solid leads, including the surveillance camera footage.

They were also following a trail of blood that stretched at least a quarter mile down Bloomingdale.

ABC Action News also spoke to a woman who identified herself as the mother of Kenneth Redding, who was only able to tell our crew that "He was a good man."

Detectives are asking the public to examine the surveillance images and contact officials at (813) 247-8200 or Crimestoppers with any information regarding the investigation.


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