Sheriff David Gee renews call for cameras in public places after Boston bombings

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY - In the wake of bombings in Boston, Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee is renewing his call for public security cameras.

FBI agents are asking for people to send any video or pictures they have of the event, in order to piece together what exactly happened and who may be responsible.

Sheriff Gee calls it an example of the need for new security technology, such as cameras posted in public areas, like the ones purchased for the Republican National Convention.

Though, he admits it requires letting go of previous privacy standards, though he believes the use of the cameras should be regulated.

"As a people we need to be resolved that, even if it intrudes on some of our personal liberties, we're not going to allow these things to happen and we're going to subject ourselves to whatever security measures we need to to make sure we're safe and our children are safe," Sheriff Gee said.

The ACLU has criticized the use of public cameras.

Tampa spent $2 million for 119 cameras posted just before the RNC. They are still up, but no one is monitoring them. Florida ACLU President, Mike Pheneger, calls it an unnecessary and costly intrusion. He believes current data doesn't show cameras are much help in deterring crime.

"You get involved into an invasion of everybody's privacy on the possibility that someone will actually have a terrorist attack in Tampa at some point in time, which is kind of crazy when you come right down to it," Pheneger said.

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