Road rage incident escalates to gunfire along I-275

TAMPA, Fla. -  

A case of road rage that escalated to gunfire has local lawmen concerned as a shooter remains at large.  he intended target is speaking only to ABC Action News.

This was very scary stuff for the 19 year-old driver identified only as "Hector," whose tale of terror began late during the Tuesday rush-hour as he was headed home along the exit ramp from Fletcher Avenue, and it still hasn't ended. After being shot at, he is scared for his life and didn't want to have his face on television.

"That's exactly why I don't wanna show my face" he said in an exclusive interview with ABC Action News. "I'm terrified."

It was a typical road rage incident, started by what Hector says was a complete misunderstanding. "He got mad that I didn't let him through," said Hector. "He got behind me and started tailgating me for about a mile or a half mile."

Headed north on I-275, Hector said he slowed down for the car he described as a gold 2006 Cadillac CTS that continued to ride his bumper until he moved all the way over into the left lane and tried to get out of the driver's way.

"And then he's just like 'You think I'm f-ing playing?'" continued Hector. "You could hear him screaming," he said. "That's how loud he loud he was yelling. He was like, 'You think I'm f-ing kidding?' and then I heard like a gunshot, but I didn't think it was a gunshot and I heard something hit my car."
The bullet was actually inside just laying in the ledge of his car's rocker panel, and according to the investigator who retrieved the slug, it didn't miss by much.

"If the bullet would have gone one foot higher," Hector explained, "it would have hit me in the side."

The Florida Highway Patrol along with Pasco and Hillsborough Sheriff's Departments have all been trying track the trail of the shooter, whose description is vague. But they're hoping someone who may have been driving north on the interstate last night may have seen something, which is why they're asking anyone who may have seen a blue neon and gold Caddilac jockeying along the roadway to get in touch with them.

You can call *FHP on your cell phone.

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