Residents next to Seffner sinkhole that swallowed neighbor worry their homes could be next

SEFFNER, Fla. - It took crews about 12 hours to realize that finding the man somewhere in a sinkhole underneath a Seffner home would be impossible without his neighbors.

"Very sad because they're all friends," said Chuck Holloway. "I know them real well."

The Holloway residence is two houses down from the home at 240 Faithway Drive. His backyard turned into the epicenter of recovery operations at the house he knows well. As the Bush family stared from across the street, wondering how it would all end, Holloway wondered the same for his home.

"I'm worried a hole's going to get up in here and mess me up," he said.

It's a fear that has gripped the Seffner neighborhood, as nearby residents have already begun calling insurance companies and home inspectors.

"Hopefully I don't lose my home and I can get back to some kind of normality, you know?" Jeff Allen said. "Before I put my family inside my house again, I want to make sure everything's secured at the house."

The Red Cross worked to find three families temporary housing, but worry that number might change.

"It's very nerve-wracking for the entire community because these things are very unpredictable," said Red Cross Spokeswoman Janet McGuire. "But at the same time, they can affect so many people so quickly, so it's very unnerving."

Crews forced the Allen family to evacuate from their home, next door to the sinkhole. The neighbors on the other side of the sinkhole also had to leave.

"This is just crazy," said Mark Jaudon. "At this moment, I don't know if they're going to let us back in or not."

Jaudon had a few minutes to grab his work uniform from the only home he's ever known. He has no plans to return to the house which now has an orange "vacate" sign plastered to the window.

"You just don't think something like this would happen," Jaudon said.

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