More than 180 storage units burglarized at five facilities since late May

Lack of items taken adds to mystery motive

TAMPA, Fla. - Hillsborough Sheriff's Captain Andy Ross wants a recent wave of storage facilities burglaries to end.

"It does concern me," he said.

More than seventy units were broken into at the Uncle Bob's storage facility on West Hillsborough Avenue. In video obtained by Action News, you can see one of the suspects, with what appears to be a screwdriver in his mouth, hop onto a motorcycle and unsuccessfully try to start it.

Since late May, a total of five storage facilities have been burglarized in northwest Hillsborough County.  In each one of those cases, large number of units were broken into.

In all, more than 180 units were burglarized in just under three weeks.

"It's uncommon.  It's not unusual that storage units bet broken into.  That happens on a regular basis.  But it is unusual that thieves go into so many units at the same place.  So that is unusual," Ross said.

Adding to the mystery is that not much was taken from the units, something Ross feels is odd.

"That's unusual too, that so many units were gone into and yet very little property was taken," he said.

Ted Dorman came to check on his possessions.  He has multiple storage units at the Uncle Bob's on Hillsborough.

"Everything's good.  No, they didn't get into my units," Dorman said as he left the facility.

With so few items taken, investigators are left puzzled over the motives for the burglaries.

"We don't know.  And that's certainly one of the theories that we have is that maybe they're seeking something that they're looking for.  We just simply at this point don't know," Ross explained.

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