Man accused of beating ex-wife charged after kid, mom found burning in Citrus garage

TAMPA - The 44 year-old accused of beating his ex-wife at their Citrus Park home made his first court appearance Monday morning.

James Clark is facing a charge of domestic violence and aggravated battery against his ex-wife Nancy Lowe, when deputies say he broke into the home on Thursday.

His attorney Anthony Rickman told the judge he was not breaking into the home, and that he was only at the home the day the Citrus Park home garage was on fire, after neighbors alerted him to what had happened.

"After that hearing, Mrs. Clark picked up the child from school against a court order, took the child," Rickman told the judge.

Rickman said Lowe instead, had committed attempted murder and attempted suicide.

The judge decided to keep Clark on jail without bond until Lowe and their daughter could testify.

At last check, the two were under a mental health hold, but Tampa General Hospital says they have no one listed under those names.

Lowe was found by deputies on Saturday along with the couple's 12 year-old daughter inside of a burning mini-van.

Deputies say they found suicide notes from the two, saying they had formed a "suicide pact" between the two of them.

A visiting neighbor told ABC Action News he pulled the two out of the burning car.

"The mom had burns on her, and said she wanted to die and all this other stuff. Her eyes were all puffed and black. It looked like she had been beat," Jason Johnson said at the time.

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